understand the picture 

like waters  on rivers, days will flow, to weeks to months And years.. they make us float on Lakes, Oceans And Seas ready to Sail to Another Destination.. 

what we do not know actually is that, we are floating on some destination, but this destination is what we use to reach our own Destination.. 

Do not try hard to Understand this, you are like water on some river, And you face rocks, Meanders And Falls that you do not even expect.. you meet people, some love you some hate you And you hurt those even  you do not intend to But you flow you do not stop because if you do, you will form a Lake of Shame, Humiliation Aggressiveness And you might drown in your own mess 

Humans are Universal, But HUMANITY is not, but it’s something Reversal,,, we only need to choose because we all have choices, I believe. 

Downfalls are here to uplift 

Failures are here that you succeed 

Visions are here that you work 

Dreams are here that you persue

But accept this, Life is here that you live, But also Die. 

Mind your Mind, Try be kind,Do not be blind, seek And Find, if its beautiful to watch, then Rewind, if it’s beautiful to keep, it’s one of the kind, so create And Bind, And feel Combined, it will be defined sometimes Be declined, 

But pray, Your Soul be Enshrined 


God bless you. *


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    1. thank you Sir God bless


  1. lilfourmusic says:

    Move move move , we are together in this .. dope stuff , awesome pieces

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    1. Humbled sir It’s an honor


  2. Sir. George says:

    Kudos to this creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thank you Sir God bless


  4. tonymuchiri says:

    Real stuff bro..
    Gid bless you too.
    Happym Eastef

    Liked by 1 person

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